About Us

Optilab Partners AB is an online performance-based marketing firm Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

We work with lead generation from our own web properties mainly within the forex trading vertical. We also work with external clients where we offer services in regards to web development, SEO and content strategies.

We work with highly professional and experienced people from many different countries. We collaborate with writers in UK and US.

Optilab Partners AB
Timmermansgatan 17A
118 55 Stockholm

  • Niklas Flisberg

    Niklas Flisberg

    Head of Strategy

  • Andrew de Lisle

    Andrew de Lisle

    Founder, CTO

    Started working as a web developer in 2004 and has since then become team lead, project manager and CTO

  • Christi Pause

    Christi Pause

    Head of Account Management

  • Joakim Flisberg

    Joakim Flisberg

    Founder, COO

    Started working with SEO in 2003 and has since then worked as SEO specialist, Business manager and Digital marketing manager.

  • Joseph Bulan

    Joseph Bulan

    Web Designer

  • Hitankar Ray

    Hitankar Ray

    System Engineer